Insect & Rodent Control Based in Central New York

If bedbugs aren't a problem, but you have another pest problem, Salt City Pest Control can help. Rodent and insect control services from our  professionals keep your home or office more sanitary and safer. Contact Salt City Pest Control for a more enjoyable living or working space.

Ridding Your Home or Office of All Pests

 • Bees
 • Wasps
 • Carpenter Ants
 • Earwigs
 • Fleas
 • Mice
 • Rats
 • Roaches

 • Silverfish
 • Spiders

Rats, Rodent Control in Clay, NY

Rodent-Proof Your Home or Office
Rats and mice look for shelter and breeding areas in the spring and fall, so the time for them to potentially invade your home is here. You can take back your home from these dangerous, pesky rodents with professional services from our company!

Avoid These Problems Caused by Rodents
 • Eating & Contaminating Food
 • Causing Many Diseases
 • Gnawing into Paper, Wood, Upholstery, Wiring, & Other Materials
 • Breeding an Uncontrollable Infestation (up to 80 Young per Year)

Trust in our experts to rid your home or work of insects and rodents.