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It is Carpenter Ant Season. This may be happening in your home!  If you see ants in your home call one of the number listed.  We will advise you what to look for and give you a free phone estimate.

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Carpenter Ants do more damage to homes in the North East than Termites.  Mature colonies produce winged reproductive ants, called swarmers, that fly out to start new colonies.  Appearance of these winged ants in the house is a strong indication there is a nest in the home.


Now is the time to protect your family and home from wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets.

Bees and wasps can be dangerous to your family and destructive to your home. They can ruin a summer day and be general pests for your entire season. Let Salt City Pest Control stop these stinging pest from ruining your summer. WE guarantee our work for the entire season. Call one of the phone numbers listed for a free phone estimate to protect your family and home.

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